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Deposit Only

The Pinnacle – Super (Purchase)

The Complete Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solution.



Origen Air’s global-exclusive, Superplant solution has been proven in published laboratory studies to deliver airborne toxin removal rates 92 times greater than regular houseplants.  The Pinnacle Superplant model offers an industry-exclusive air purification solution for indoor health and happiness through an inspiring combination of nature, science and modern design. Once you complete your order our client care team will reach out to you to confirm the next steps.

  • Cleans 8,000 cubic feet of air/hour (~12 ppl)
  • 26 hydroponic Superplants per system
  • Museum-quiet operation
  • Multi-barrier defence against 99.998% of airborne particulate


Better Air for Better Business

  • Custom colours, veneers, corporate badging
  • Enhance storefront entrances and retail displays
  • Improve staff health, happiness and performance
  • Tell your sustainability story

*Contact us for more information about customization options and pricing

Purchase Super Plant
  • Own the Pinnacle for $9900
  • Optional Maintenance Plans
  • Optional Airsset Indoor Air Quality monitors and reporting 
  • Fee for freight and installation
  • Benefits from nature
  • Indoor Humidity Optimized
  • CO2 removal
  • PM2.5 removal
  • TVOC removal
  • 92X more effective than regular plants at removing toxins
Single deposit, fully refundable