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The Pinnacle – Natural (Purchase)

The Complete Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solution.



With a sleek modern design, The Pinnacle™ represents the harmonious intersection of nature, technology, and design for healthier and more productive indoor spaces. The combination of living, breathing plants and multi-barrier indoor air purification technologies will breathe life into your buildings.  Once you complete your order our client care team will reach out to you to confirm the next steps.

  • Cleans 8,000 cubic feet of air/hour (~12 ppl)
  • 26 hydroponic plants per system
  • Museum-quiet operation
  • Multi-barrier defence against 99.998% of airborne particulate


Better Air for Better Business

  • Custom colours, veneers, corporate badging
  • Enhance storefront entrances and retail displays
  • Improve staff health, happiness and performance
  • Tell your sustainability story
Purchase Wild Plant
  • Own the Pinnacle for $7800
  • Optional Maintenance Plans
  • Optional Indoor Air Quality monitors and reporting 
  • Fee for freight and installation
  • Natural Air Purifier
  • Indoor Humidity Optimized
  • CO2 removal
  • PM2.5 removal
  • Automated Hydroponics
Single deposit, fully refundable