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Origen Air’s Plant-based Air Purification Deployment

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

November was a great month for Origen Air as we installed another Sentinel unit here in Victoria, this time at the Alacrity Canada building.

The Alacrity Canada office is in the Victoria Downtown area where, through the day, many customers and visitors walk in looking to grow their business and develop their professional network.

This air purifier adds some much-needed warmth and greenery to our office,

said Chrystal Boyd, Alacrity office manager.

The Sentinel combines the best technologies to deliver clean air and, with it, many benefits.

Benefits of Improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with a Sentinel

1. Cleaner Air

Alacrity has it clear, and they are giving its staff and customers the best amenity they can offer: Clean air.

With the Origen Air Sentinel, Alacrity can ensure that employees and visitors breathe clean air by effectively removing particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and CO2 from indoors.

**2. Greener Space **

A green space equals a productive workplace. The Sentinel’s plant terrarium helps the Alacrity building add warmth and greenery to their areas.

3. Real-time Indoor Air Quality Tracker

Alacrity is now one step ahead on their health and safety practices by tracking the building’s indoor air quality data with a Sentinel. They can use this data to share their sustainability story with stakeholders, as well as ensuring visitor confidence in the building operations.

After just a few days of the Sentinel deployment, Chrystal Boyd, the office manager at Alacrity, shared with us their experience with the Sentinel in the office:

The Alacrity Canada office is grateful to have one of Origen Air’s living air purifiers, the Sentinel, installed in our space. This air purifier adds some much-needed warmth and greenery to our office. Coupled with the fact that the Origen Air team handles all maintenance, we get to enjoy the Sentinel completely worry-free! We love the design, as well as the real-time air quality tracker. A beautiful machine that would compliment any office space!

Chrystal Boyd (she/her), Office Manager – Alacrity