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Origen Air’s Green Team is Growing

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air is thrilled to announce that we are working with Brooks Corning and Ginkgo Sustainability to provide the ultimate clean, green solutions for safer, healthier and more productive indoor spaces across North America.

With healthy buildings no longer a perk but a necessity, our new alliance with Brooks Corning will deliver Origen Air’s industry-first, smart, living air purification solutions to the $12 billion dollar furniture, finishing and equipment industry.

Origen Air has partnered with Ginko Sustainability to deliver local maintenance, service and installations for their Pinnacle™ systems. As one of Canada’s largest green roof and living wall providers, Ginko boasts decades of green-thumb knowledge and experience to seamlessly deliver the unmatched customer service and performance for decades. With offices in Ontario and British Columbia, the future is clean and green for Origen and Ginko.

About Origen Air

Origen Air transforms interiors by bringing nature’s benefits indoors with genetically mastered air Purifection© solutions. Our technology accelerates human potential and performance while delivering on sustainability and environmental (ESG) data metrics to earn points under GRESB/Fitwel and other efficient/healthy building programs.

About Brooks Corning

Founded in 1913, Brooks Corning is a leading provider of organic workspace and office furniture solutions based in Vancouver, BC. Bob Ross, owner & CEO, has had an influential role in the furniture industry for over 30 years and is a lead distributor in BC of Haworth workspace solutions.

About Ginkgo Sustainability

Ginkgo Sustainability is Ontario’s leading living roof installer focused on making buildings eco-friendly and sustainable.

At Origen Air, Brooks Corning, and Ginkgo Sustainability we support people’s health and wellness in the workplace. Working together towards a healthy building approach.

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