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Origen Air Studio Sessions at CHEK Media

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Lights, Camera, BREATHE!

Co-Founder, Andrew Crawford and one of our very talented new team members, Ethan Gibb-Randall, spent multiple hours planning and filming scripted performances and HD footage of The Pinnacle at the CHEK Studios in Victoria BC. We are exceptionally grateful to the CHEK Media staff for their wise mentorship and assistance that was provided on the day of filming.

Origen Air is proud to be affiliated with CHEK Studios, a truly local cornerstone organization. With a brand new Pinnacle air purifier now installed in their newsroom, the future is clean and green for CHEK Studios and their amazing staff.

Be sure to check out the Origen Air Founders’ Story video:

It was a great experience filming at CHEK Media studio, and after the video shoot, Origen Air installed the Pinnacle in their offices.

CHEK Media is giving their staff the gift of fresh air 🌱

About CHEK Media

CHEK is an independent, employee-owned television broadcaster and multi-media creator. CHEK’s primary studios and operations are based in Victoria, British Columbia, with additional operations elsewhere on Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver. CHEK Media is a respected news service that has been serving the area since 1956.