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Origen Air is now installing units across Canada

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Origen Air

The Pinnacle™ in the Audi showroom, Vancouver, BC.

The future of healthy buildings calls for cleaner, greener spaces for all. To better support human health and productivity, companies such as Audi, Recycle Smart, and Ritchie Bros Auctioneers are looking to the Origen Air Pinnacle™ as an innovative solution for their indoor air quality needs.

A bright, healthy indoor environment is not a perk, it’s a necessity.

The Pinnacle™ in the Ritchie Bros cafeteria, Burnaby, BC.

Origen Air combines the magic ingredient, bioengineered plants validated to metabolize airborne toxins (the same as our liver does!). This is combined with premium HEPA and IoT sensors to report air quality all in a self-sustained, automated unit.

The Pinnacle™ in the Recycle Smart offices, Richmond, BC.

The Pinnacle™ cleans 8000 cubic feet and has been designed to optimize a circular airflow in the space. All you need is a standard plug – our automated hydroponics system takes care of the plants for you, just plant and play!

At Origen Air, we are here to breathe life back into your buildings.

Contact us and Breathe life back into your buildings today!