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Origen Air at 3 Years Old

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

When your strategic IP has actual roots and leaves, patience becomes a necessary virtue.

Founding the company three years ago on July 8, 2019, Susan and I thought our idea was exciting, non-consensus and “kinda cool”… and with that, we were “All In.”

As the industry saying goes, “True entrepreneurs jump off the cliff and build their airplane on the way down.”

The past 1095 days have flown by. (Pun intended)

What is not lost on us is all of the amazing people, places and life-changing opportunities that have come into our lives as a result of this entrepreneurial journey.

When amongst fellow start-up founders, the war stories, empathy and heartfelt laughter and tears we share serve as an empowering tonic to keep us all coming back for more.

As we make a birthday wish for year three, we close our eyes and see rapid Canadian-based growth, exciting new partnerships, both local and international and of course, beautiful, green, indoor spaces filled with Origen Air Pinnacles.

Happy Birthday, Origen Air!