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Origen Air Adds to Product Lineup – The Pinnacle

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Empowered by Science, Inspired by Nature™.

With a slim and exquisite shape, The Pinnacle is Origen Air’s newest air purifier model. We have expanded our product lineup to accommodate a broader range of facilities sizes.

Origen Air purifies and protects indoor air quality through the restorative power of nature to improve human health and prosperity.

Better Air. Better Business. Quick Facts.

  • Our bioengineered plant system purifies and oxygenates indoor air.
  • Triple-bottom-line impact for commercial facilities.
  • Lab tests confirm Origen Air plants remove 82%-100% more toxins than regular plants.
  • Improve cognitive performance and reduce absenteeism for building occupants.

Clean Air as a Service

Origen Air’s clean-air-as-a-service provides clients with an unbeatable level of indoor air purification, air quality data reporting and stunning biophilic design. Our scalable fleet deployments provide clean air for any size commercial space at a monthly fee without any capital expenditures.

  • 24-month subscription agreement
  • Worry free maintenance guarantee
  • Indoor air quality database reporting
  • Digital P/R marketing programs

Origen Air’s plant-based air purification solutions, create healthy buildings environments for the protection of our client’s most valuable assets; their staff, their customers, and the air that they breathe.

Indoor Air so clean you can see it.™

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