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The Pinnacle™, the plant-based air purification system that brings nature’s healing powers indoors.

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The Complete Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solution

The Pinnacle™

purifies and protects commercial indoor air quality through the restorative power of nature to improve human health and prosperity.

Stewards of the Planet

  • Decreases CO₂ in the room and environment
  • Helps organizations achieve important sustainability and ESG targets
  • Turnkey automated system

Forest Fresh Air

  • Bioengineered plants scientifically proven to reduce VOCs better than any other plant
  • 4 stage filter that removes fine particulate matter from the air
  • Active CO₂ reduction improves human wellness and performance
  • Prominent connection to nature indoors

Better Air. Better Business.

  • Increased staff productivity and well-being
  • Improved workplace performance
  • Better employees' experience

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"Walking into the office and seeing the Origen Air plants and the system set up is sort of like an immediate reminder of wow! this is a really positive, healthy environment. And I have a reminder of that every day."

Sofia Rizzo
Project Coordinator, Alacrity Canada

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