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Front and Center at the San Francisco Cleantech Forum 2022

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

As society is becoming more aware of “the air we breathe”, Origen Air is gaining traction.

Origen Air’s Founders, Andrew Crawford and Susan Blanchet, were asked to speak at the prestigious San Francisco CleanTech Forum. They shared the stage with: Larry Rothenberg, President of Agentis Air; Orianna Bretschger, CEO of Aquacycl; and Barry Yates, CEO, and Amielle Lake, CCO, of Carbonet Nanotechnologies

The Cleantech Forum brought together leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers passionate about creating a greener future through innovation.

What sets Origen Air apart is their unique combination of sensor IoT technology, premium HEPA filtration with their secret sauce – a nature-based/negative emission technology that solves indoor air pollution challenges.

Origen Air showcased their latest product, the Pinnacle™, a compact unit to fit in commercial or residential spaces. The new design resulted from customer feedback received through 2021 pilots. The improved design utilizes sustainably sourced high-quality wood products and an automated hydroponic system.

Susan Blanchet (CEO) next to The Pinnacle – at the CleanTech Forum in Palm Desert. (January 2022)

This engaging conference was productive and successful, with many connections formed with great companies, new collaborations established and sales committed to while “Live in Palm Desert”.

The need for clean air technology is visible and prevalent in California where, according to IQAir, Los Angeles’ air pollution is among the worst in the United States.

This conference was an excellent debut for The Pinnacle™. The atmosphere at most conferences is lacking in biophilia and leaves one needing a coffee or sugar rush to make it through to the end of the day. The Pinnacle™ provided forest fresh air and stood out as a beacon of health and happiness in the otherwise stagnant convention center.

The Pinnacle is a modular unit that removes indoor air pollutants and delivers clean air in indoor spaces with a unique blend of genetically engineered plant and mechanical technology The modularity makes it possible to scale to rooms of any size. One unit cleans an 8000 cubic foot space providing fresh air for up to 15 people.

Origen Air’s mission is to create meaningful indoor air quality improvements to every building to have safer, healthier and more productive people.

Do you want to create healthier buildings through clean air? Contact us anytime.

The San Francisco Cleantech Forum was run by The Cleantech Group

Cleantech group provides research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities for sustainable growth powered by innovation. They create events where people and ideas make powerful connections.

The Cleantech Forum brings together more than 200 innovators, 200 investors, and 125 corporates from more than 20+ Cities & 30 Countries worldwide.