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Pinnacles™ at Bentall Center Vancouver

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Come and see four Pinnacle Natural Air Purifiers at the Bentall Centre in Downtown Vancouver, BC. The Bentall Towers, owned and operated by Hudson Pacific Properties, features more than 1.5M square feet of Leed Platinum, Class A office space right in the heart of Vancouver’s Financial District. 

Los Angeles based Hudson Pacific Properties strives to embed sustainability into every aspect of their business—whether designing a new property, reimagining a dated building, or managing their existing real estate portfolio. 

Origen Air works directly with sustainability leaders like Hudson Pacific to improve the wellbeing of their staff and customers while accelerating their sustainability goals by creating healthier and safer indoor spaces through indoor air purification.

Come experience the Pinnacle live at:

Bentall One - Burrard and West Pender

North Point Brewery Cafe - Between Bentall Three and Four

Bentall Three - Bank of Montreal Tower

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