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Elevating the Customer Experience, One Breath at a Time

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Origen Air

Creating an enticing storefront has always been a monumental task. Attracting customers to your store and providing an optimal shopping experience is an art and a science. The lighting, the signage, the decor, and the background music – all make a substantial impact on the shopping experience.

The evolution of brick-and-mortar stores in a post-pandemic world is a fascinating challenge to consider. Gone are the physical barriers, such as mask mandates, acrylic dividers and capacity limits. Now, retailers are trying to achieve the optimal level of health and safety while enthusiastically opening their doors wide for all who wish to patronize their establishment.

Modern retailers must carefully balance health, safety AND branding.

Not an easy endeavour!

At Origen Air, we decided that a new world problem needed a new world solution. By building the world’s first enhanced plant air purification solution, we are solving one of today’s most pressing challenges through nature.

Our fully automated hydroponic solution removes all the guesswork from growing amazingly healthy plants. We like to call it “plant and play” technology. It’s so easy; even those black-thumbed plant killers will succeed.

By creating a solution, which is both beautiful and functional, we are ready to help our retail customers deliver an unparalleled customer shopping experience while also protecting the health and safety of their staff and management.

To breathe life back into your retail experience, give Origen Air a call today.

I’m excited to introduce the Origen Air Pinnacle™, a sensational branding opportunity that provides a living, breathing reconnection to nature. The Pinnacle™ highlights commitments to the sustainability, health, and happiness of your customers and staff.