Working with Nature: The Winning Strategy for Indoor Air Quality”

In my 5 years of full-scale product research and development, one truth has become undeniable: cooperation with nature is a winning strategy while working against it is a recipe for failure. At Origen Air, our motto has always been “Nature Always Wins” because we recognize that, despite our ingenuity, creativity, and determination to overcome nature-based […]

Elevating the Customer Experience, One Breath at a Time

Creating an enticing storefront has always been a monumental task. Attracting customers to your store and providing an optimal shopping experience is an art and a science. The lighting, the signage, the decor, and the background music – all make a substantial impact on the shopping experience. The evolution of brick-and-mortar stores in a post-pandemic […]

Origen Air Oxygen Farmers

From leafy greens to fruit and vegetables, vertical farming and hydroponics have exploded in popularity and scale over the past few years. These operations are focused on delivering nutritious and delicious food to our supply chain in an innovative and efficient manner. At Origen Air, we celebrate this agricultural revolution, sometimes referred to as #Agritecture. […]