About Us

Our Story

Our mission is to produce the most effective and beautiful living air purifiers in the world to restore healthy living spaces for humanity to thrive.

Life on earth was made possible by photosynthesis and the resulting plant-based lifeforms that populated our planet. Our dynamic biosphere has supported the evolution of life forms, including humans for over 2 billion years. During this time, all living things existed in careful balance with nature. We as humans have thrown that balance off and it’s time for us to get it back in check.

We named our company Origen Air because of where we started. By “we”, we mean all of us. The origin of life on this planet. We ARE nature.

The “gen” part of our name is not a clever misspelling for marketing purposes. It is the acknowledgement of our deep-rooted commitment to genetic bioscience and its crucial role in producing our natural air purification technologies.

Our Team

susan blanchet origen air CEO
Susan Blanchet

CEO & Co-Founder

andrew crawford origen air
Andrew Crawford

CTO & Co-Founder

ryan lider
Ryan Lider

CIO & Co-Founder

jim crawford
Jim Crawford


Aladin Faour

COO & VP of Sales

Diane Feng

VP of International Business

Mostyn Findlay

VP of Business Development

Jonathan Van Es

VP of Engineering

Luke Alger

Mechanical Engineer

Jacob Stachowski

Mechanical Engineer

Marc Platt

Biomedical Engineer

Connor Gray

Software Engineer

Calem Bardy

Electrical Engineer

Shweinna Bhurton

Finance Manager

Madison Fitzpatrick

Office Administrator

Empower Your Indoor Air with Nature.