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Smart, self-sustained chambers with air sensors allow you to track indoor air quality changes.

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Beautiful biophilic air purifiers designed to enhance indoors.

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Our plants are specially designed to be 92X more effective than regular plants at removing toxins from the air, significantly improving indoor air quality.

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Choose the right indoor air quality solution for you.

The Pinnacle™ - Commercial Unit

The air purification system ideal for clients looking to provide safer and healthier indoor spaces for their staff and customers, improve indoor air quality and/or increase their company’s ESG score.

Improving indoor air quality through natural air purification systems can positively impact overall well-being.

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Increased mental performance and productivity

Enhanced indoor air purification improves cognitive performance and can save up to $15,500 per employee per year.

Improved health and well-being

When you add air filtration systems to indoor spaces, you are improving people’s overall health and well-being.

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Need help with an order? Our healthy building professionals will help you to choose the best indoor air quality solution for you.

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Our shared values of sustainability, health, inclusion and grit are at the core of everything we do. 

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“Walking into the office and seeing the Origen Air plants and the system set up is sort of like an immediate reminder of wow! this is a really positive, healthy environment. And I have a reminder of that every day.”

Sofia Rizzo / Project Coordinator, Alacrity Canada

Sofia Rizzo
Project Coordinator, Alacrity Canada