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Origen Air produces the most comprehensive air purifier available on the commercial market by combining nature and proven purification technologies.

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The Complete Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solution

The Sentinel

purifies and protects commercial indoor air quality through the restorative power of nature to improve human health and prosperity.

Stewards of the Planet

  • Decreases CO₂ in the room and environment
  • Helps organizations achieve important sustainability and ESG targets
  • Climate positive - no packaging, no need to dispose of filter, all reused or recycled
  • Turnkey automated system

Forest Fresh Air

  • Bioengineered plants scientifically proven to reduce VOCs better than any other plant
  • 4 stage filter that removes fine particulate matter from the air
  • Active CO₂ reduction improves human wellness and performance
  • Prominent connection to nature indoors

Your Space, Your Way

  • 4K Biobillboardᵀᴹ allows for digital advertising revenues
  • Wide variety of material finishes and aesthetic options to personalize your unit
  • 50db at max load, below the threshold for a quiet office

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"The Alacrity Canada office is grateful to have one of Origen Air's living air purifiers, the Sentinel, installed in our space. This air purifier adds some much-needed warmth and greenery to our office. Coupled with the fact that the Origen Air team handles all maintenance, we get to enjoy the Sentinel completely worry-free! We love the design, as well as the real-time air quality tracker. A beautiful machine that would compliment any office space!"

Chrystal Boyd
Office Manager, Alacrity Canada

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